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About us

The Licensed Sports Performance Coach™ programs are hosted by International NLP Sports Academy and Licensed NLP Master Trainer® Anders Piper, who is also the Global Program Director and International Director of Sports Performance Coaching for the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


International NLP Sports Academy is a subsidery of come4learning, Denmark and organized under Society of NLP. This new Academy is the specialized sports authority in the world of NLP, bringing to you the latest in the development of mental training and development  in sports.


International NLP Sports Academy is your guarantee for optimal experiences and professional conduct aligned with the standards of Society of NLP and Dr. Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP. International NLP Sports Academy is dedicated to the success of you and your clients and we strive to give you the compettive edge in the world of mental training!  


We are situated in Denmark, but work internationally, primarily in the sports- and business arenas and we are dedicated to the continued success of our clients, being it individuals, teams or organizations.

Our aim is your success and nothing pleases us more, than when we hear about the success of our students and the amazing results they achieve.

We live in a world of achievements and we welcome you inside it!


Anders Piper

Anders is a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP and The international Director of Sports Performance Coaching for Society of NLP. He is a certified Coach from NLP University and is also a certified Identity Compass trainer, LAB Profile trainer and WealthyMind Trainer. His formal education is a Master of Science degree in Psychology and a Bachelor in Human Resource Development.

Anders has an interesting background in sports. He has been national champion 3 times and has competed at European level and knows the demands and the pressure that there can be on an athlete and the commitment it requires to be at the top level in your sport. You will benefit from his competitive nature and direct no-nonsense approach to coaching and success!

Anders has published two books related to sports, his first was "Shortcut to Flow" giving you the insights on how to get to the magic state of Flow more often, and his latest book "Coach John" co-written with Alessandro Mora that through a captivating store gives you plenty of tools and inspiration on how to improve Team Performance.


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