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Winning the Mental Game


When talking to elite athletes, a very common remark is that the difference between them and all the rest, is 75% related to what's in between the ears. This makes a lot of sense, because ever so often, we see huge talents playing at the highest levels in their sports and who suddenly run into a period where they cannot score or cannot win or whatever is their purpose. Have they lost the abiliy to hit or kick or catch a ball? No, of course not, they have just started thinking in a non-productive way.


The Licensed Sports Performance CoachTM training programs are designed to get you ready to work with high performance athletes, no matter what the sport is. These no-nonsense trainings will teach you how to work with people who expects results, fast.


  Create Fast and Efficient Difference


Many trainings focuses on techniques, but these trainings are different. These trainings are the trainings that will give you skills you thought impossible to get so fast and so efficient. Our best evidence are the testimonials we have recieved from previous students, who praise not only the training, but also the fact that they afterwards were able to get more clients, generate bigger and better results and make more money.


Yes, we are not afraid to talk about the consequences of being more successfull, because our success is measured only in the success of our students and the success of their clients.


But the LIcensed Sports Performance CoachTM is much more than just trainings! It is also a community for continued sharing of expertise and best practices. It is an International network of likeminded people, allowing you as a graduate to continue your professional development.


  Globally Licensed Program


The programs are fully approved, recognized and licensed by the Society of NLP and follows the highest standards in the field of NLP and has been created to honor the fundamental ideas in NLP on how to generate powerful results for the clients.


If you want to have a career in mental sports coaching or you want to be able to assist your team in their development of string mental skills, these are the trainings for you.


  Where is the Next Program?


Join us in Gatteo Mare, Rimini September 16th to 25th 2022