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Doing the Master Practitioner in Sport on Andros was like having a protected space for learning without the interruptions of everyday life, having time and space to practice what we were learning with a small group. It was great that the trainers were able to get to know us so well, which meant we were able to have both individual and group feedback on our progress and having some serious conversations about setting up our own Sports Performance Coaching Practices.
It was great to have the opportunity apply what we were practicing in terms of doing some sports ourselves. Despite having major spinal problems, it was truly extra ordinary to be scuba diving. And now, I am thinking what else can I do.

- Theresa Mullaney, UK
Licensed Sports Performance Coach, level II:
At the second step in the LSPC program Anders gave us even more tools in how to work with top athletes.
I learned to understand the dimension in a conflict and how to handle it through the steps of conflict resolution. I learned what makes a good team leader and what preferences support a good team composition. Pep talk – that was great fun to both create and to perform!
What was even more interesting and a really good learning was that the whole group worked for a whole day with the various steps involved, when working with a talent and the supporting organization. Based on practical exercise, we experienced the different phases that give an organization a long term working structure to not only have one talent, but to actually raise several.
Did we, as a group, get challenged each and every day? Absolutely!
Did we have lots of practical training? Yes we did!
Was it worth it? DEFINATELY!

- Manuela Hjelseth, Norway
I was on a personal journey with International NLP Sports Academy - again – I beat my own personal interval-record, and found out to turn the brain on and off in an extremely useful way. I learned, to be even more inquisitive and curious when working with clients - and I will NEVER stop to learn more, and see and hear and feel new things and words.
As I was part of a spectacular team of many nationalities and people, I could not have wanted more of an education - as this one - wow it was SO GOOD!

- Laila Schmidt, Svendborg, Denmark
“The training of LSPC with Anders was fantastic! I used to be an athlete and now I´m working with them as a mental conditioner coach. When I started the training with Anders, I was planning to work with athletes. Have you noticed the linguistic difference? I gained the mental strength to pursue my dreams, my goals, overcame limiting belief, used techniques to enhance my self-esteem and learned how to approach the future clients.

To have an idea: I took the course in November and, in January; I made a workshop with 110 coaches from judo, taekwondo and wrestling in Olympic Brazilian Committee. The feedback was so awesome that right now we are close to call a deal to be the mental conditioner for Brazilian national team in many sports. What happened was not exactly the knowledge, but the boost of confidence!

I´m already a trainer in NLP, with some certifications in coaching, and enrolled the LSPC with an open mind. It was the best thing I´ve done because I reviewed some stuff that I knew, with a specific focus on sports context, and learned others that improved my skills as a coach.
The investment on that training would pay you the highest interests in short time”.

- Ronaldo Gueraldi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Licensed Sports Master Practitioner of NLP

For me personally, these 9 days of training with Anders and Anne Piper in Andros was one of the most profound journeys in my professional life. During these days all previous experiences, knowledge, trainings and challenges all clicked into the right places.

A fully immersed 9 days of training, practicing, testing and diving into the depth of NLP.
We were taken deeper into the processes behind NLP techniques in details, we got more and deeper trance experience with understanding the different stages of trance even better and we had time to work intensively and fully also during the breaks. And so much more.….
The “Compostela de Andros” - a half day of physical challenge while coaching a whole special and new process conversationally….GREAT challenge and closure of the whole Master Prac.
Being on an island and given the chance to learn intensively for 9 days made it possible to be fully immersed into the material and the learning. The flexibility of how the days were set up was amazing. Andros was really a great place for this kind of training.
The combination of both Anne and Anders teaching us was amazing. Anne’s knowledge and presence in the room allows you to learn without you noticing. She will make sure that you fully understand the tasks and the details that will make you learn even more.
Anders has this gift of challenging you in a way that makes you grow. He will give you what you need at the exact right time and his focus on the parts that really makes the difference in coaching, has made me become a more excellent coach that can help athletes even faster than before and with a better result.
June 2014

- Manuela Hjelseth, Langhus, Norway
"I have learned new things from NLP and met very inspirational people in our group. We, as a group, were making progress day by day. Anders is a very skilled and talented teacher and his approach to the clients was new to me. Very direct and straight, from the very first moment.
As I have started using what I have learned at the Malaga training immediately, I've seen the results and I can say that it is very effective approach for sportsmen and I've got very good results.
The whole experience of training was great, I got knowledge and lots of ideas how I can use it. Very useful tools and techniques that can be used in both sports coaching and Life coaching. Unique experience and I highly recommend it".

- Andrija Geric, Novi Sad, Serbia
Licensed Sports Performance Coach, level II:
"Learning from Anders has been an enriching experience both in professional and social fields.
During the course, he is teaching an incredible amount of NLP skills and tools.
As a professional violinist and amateur sportsman, I improved my performance in both fields beyond any possible imagination.
Applying Anders' teachings, I have been able to help other sportsmen and musicians to get a terrific development in their professions.
The results astonished us exceeding all expectations.
Thank you Anders!"

- Alessio Nacuzi, Italy
Attending the first LSPC in Orlando, November 2013, was really an awesome experience. The training taught me a lot, about how NLP can be used for mental conditioning in sports, I learned a lot about myself when practicing sports, and how to help other athletes to improve their performance (already started helping other athletes to achieve more success).
And of course I would definitely recommend this training to anyone who is interested in improving sports performance or to help other athletes to do so.

- Mateo Carasco, Ecuador
The LSPC course is a very demanding one, but it gives you so many skills and so much "know how" that you will be amazed. In the first days you could feel some confusion in your mind, but day by day everything seems so clear and so "easy" that you could wonder "how is it possible?" The answer is. Anders! He keeps installing in your mind all the patterns you need for learning at the best.

And between a laugh and an exercise you'll have the tools in your box and be able to make them work for your athletes! In my opinion this one is the most important factors in a course: you don't just have a theoretic knowledge, but real and practical skills.
Thanks Anders!

- Raffaella Frasca Comati, Italy
If you want to know the essential skills required to help athletes cross the winning line I doubt there is a course to compete with this unique, highly polished experience. Anders Piper is an incredibly skillful mentor, delivering sports specific strategies to current and aspiring sports coaches. The whole group achieved more than we thought possible due to his direction. I am left just wanting to practice what I have learned and then I will be ready for more!
- Peter Hudson, United Kingdom
I've known Anders for a few years and have always been curious about his Licensed Sports Performance Coach, and this year was able to attend. Its fantastic when you find a course that does exactly what it says it does. This course gives clear concise strategies that will enable you to work with athletes and enhance their performance; it teaches you a great methodology that really does work. And can be used not only within the sports arena but also when coaching corporate and business clients.
Licensed Master Trainer of NLP
High Performance Coach

- Tina Taylor, United Kingdom
The main thing I gained from this course was the importance of elicitation; I now spend more time actively listening to my clients rather than trying to 'mind read' what they're trying to say.Seems obvious right? But what percentage of a session do you spend actually listening to your client? You might be surprised.
I also found the LAB profiling very useful and I incorporate it into my sessions, it's a very powerful tool for any coach.
Overall I thought the course was really good; well paced, nicely structured and thoroughly enjoyable.
Anders is a very knowledgeable and dynamic trainer who has a very effective, no-nonsense approach.
This course is fantastic value for money and, if time and money allowed, I would definitely enroll on level 2.
Highly recommend this course for anyone who wishes to improve their skills in all aspects of coaching not just in the context of sport.

- Karl Rollison, United Kingdom
"Being one of the first Licensed Sports Performance CoachesTM in the world, I must say that I feel very privileged having received the excellent training from the NLP Master Trainer Anders Piper.

I found the Licensed Sports Performance CoachTM training demanding but yet extremely practical. It gave me valuable tools to further deepen my NLP skills and combine them with my knowledge and experience in sports coaching and training.

After successfully completing the training I was able to put my skills immediately to use by being signed as a mental coach for a basketball team. Thanks to the Licensed Sports Performance CoachTM training I have been able to get results with the team within a very short period of time."

- Hannu Pirila, Finland
"Finally a training where you not only get the knowledge but also the skills! Anders direct way of teaching just made you go every time that bit further, reaching a level that you never thought you would we capable of.

These 9 days weren’t always easy: it was hard work (even in the breaks!), you needed lots of focus and concentration but it was also fun!

I now not only have the certification of Licensed Sports Performance Coach but thanks to Anders, I also AM a mental coach now!"

- Saskia Bas, Belgium
"Malaga LSPC was one of my best training experiences ever. I really enjoyed the program with Anders and the international group of participants with lots of practical exercises and real life clients.

The setting “Solandalusi” is a perfect place for concentrating and relaxing at the same time with many opportunities of practicing sports in between the seminar hours. Sharing the meals with my group was a fun opportunity for getting to know each other better.

Anders is a fantastic trainer, challenging us all the time to get better and better in our skills as coaches. I really feel I have gained something unique and special from this seminar and I can sincerely say the investment of time and money was totally worth it"

- Monica Popescu, Italy
Finally, a training and a teacher/trainer that dares to challenge you in every way!

LSPC in London September 2013 was one of my best and toughest training experiences ever.
Anders straight forward way of teaching combined with practical exercises allowed us not only to get a complete understanding of the techniques, but to really understand the process behind.
How to create Flow, teambuilding and structure, strategies, incorporating the LAB profile questioning in coaching sessions are just a few of the components that you will learn.
Anders is a great teacher and trainer. His personal experience as a former top athlete and from working at top level in business is a unique combination that you will benefit from.

I knew that we would get pushed to maximum of our capacity and knowledge but I also knew that this would make me even more prepared and skilled to meet and work with top athletes. My best investment so far and this is NLP at its best – theory put into practice.

If your goal is to enhance your own performance, LSPC is the training you are looking for.

- Manuela Hjelseth, Norway
“To participate in the Licensed Sports Performance Coach training is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It has given me an incredible big insight to myself and my own resources.

Throughout the whole training I Iearned and practiced NLP tools that I can use in the world of sports and many other places. It has been very intensive and with a lot of content and I left with many things that needed to settle into my head. Well back in Denmark, I experience that everything thing falls into place and I can use it all right away.

This training has also given me a strong bond with the other participants and we have gotten to know each other really well. I took my NLP Practitioner with Anders Piper and I knew what I would get by signing up for one of his trainings again. I knew I would be put under pressure and challenged to my maximum capacity and I also knew that I would get a lot of training and learn the real NLP approach.

I can highly recommend Anders Piper and International NLP Sports Academy. Don’t settle for less!”

- Kasper Reinhold, Denmark
It is simply one of the best NLP trainings I've attended. First, back to basics, to the core of NLP, listen, observe, elicitate, find meta model programs, modal operators, eye access just to name a few essential details. It requires discipline, perseverance and some stubbornness.

Then we started with the techniques, processes, solutions, etc.. And we were presented with the elegant use and integration of DHE, NHR and more. After this training I feel equipped to deal with - not only with athletes – because there are already customers in queue, waiting for this.
I am so looking forward to continue.

- Pernille Knudtzon, Spain and Denmark
"That's what happend to me after Anders Pipers Licensed Sport Performance Coach course. Comeback after 12 years break of fighting in age of 40 :)
I put my self in the fight mode in 3 months. I got hapkido Finish Championship standup gold, ground gold, WTKA Light MMA World Championship gold, Italian Open submission wrestling bronze and taekwondo Finish Championship bronze. I was using a lot of NLP on the way to the medals. Thank you very much Anders"

- Timo Räkköläinen, Finland
“The Licensed Sports Performance Coach training in Malaga was more than brilliant. I experienced Anders as a true Trainer. He demonstrated the ease of use of NLP, combined with a mindblowing concept: "Flow". The deepening of the Meta Model and the addition of Coaching Matrix, makes all pieces fall together.

I highly recommend this training to anyone who has finished the NLP Practitioner or even better the NLP Master Practitioner and is interested in the concept of Flow, sharpening your NLP skills and to experience a great group dynamic."

- Niels Ammerlaan, Netherlands
“When you complete this course and hear yourself saying, “The Licensed Sports Performance Coach” course is the best course I’ve ever attended” then you can feel certain now that you are on to something special. With his background in Competitive Sport AND Corporate Management training, Anders has a vast and unique skill set that he shares with you on this course, and when you learn and use these skills they will enable you to take your athletes beyond what you previously thought possible.
The LSPC program was a particular great experience for me because we got to practice all our teachings and learning’s during the course and then test them with real clients on the final day. The course gave me new skills and new options that now allow me to optimize the performance of my clients. Anders continually challenged me to take my performance to another level and I am grateful that he did. I would recommend this course to every successful coach who is wondering what is next!"

- Brendan Adey, Scotland
"Licensed Sports Performance Coach training is beyond exceptional. I joined in as an NLP Practitioner and noticed my skills and confidence as a coach skyrocket during the nine days. I quickly accuired techniques to help athletes to create skills that improve their performance in so many levels. To name but a few, during the training, you will learn of flow, focus, motivation. goal setting, stress management etc. I surely went past my threshold as a coach and now I know how to help my clients to do the same in their sport and in their performance. This training reinforced my winning mindset in life and gave me the tools to create such a mindset also for my clients. Purely superb nine days!"
- Minna Immonen, Finland
"I found this training very useful. Anders shared his enthusiasm and sound knowledge in order to give the students 9 comprehensive and valuable days in Malaga, which he surely achieved.

Personally, I really appreciated to meet athletes who are or were performing on a high level, and to be able to talk to them and learn their strategies on how to build mental strength and how to get into the vital flow zone.

What I also appreciated was the wide international base of the participant which really added a positive flavor to the program. Finally, without any hesitation I recommend this program to everybody who would like to pick up practical tools which works and will help boost performance in any kind of sport."

- Oddgeir Øverli, Norway
“What an experience – nine days full of intensive learning in a challenging and supportive atmosphere!
This course taught me in many ways how NLP can be utilized in sports coaching and how you can really make the difference in the performance. Real live athletes as our clients made the course even more
interesting and useful. Now I can help my clients much better – whether the issue is sports related or not.
I got eight new clients during the training as a result of doing the modeling project and after the course one of my clients called me a ’mental training guru’. What more can I ask for?”

- Katri Syvärinen, Finland
"I attended the “Licensed Sports Performance Coach™” Seminar in June 2011, in Milan, Italy. As a Sports and Business Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP and certified counselor, I attend each year several courses for my personal ongoing development, but I realized that the LSPC seminar is the only conceived to finalize NLP techniques and other disciplines of life enhancement techniques towards Top Sports Coaching, in a balanced synthesis between theory and practical exercises of intervention.

Anders Piper, one of the few trainers in the world chosen by Richard Bandler to be his apprentice and now a Licensed Master Trainer, ex Elite Athlete himself, leads throughout the nine days of intensive work, in a complete state of learning flow, where his extensive and deep experience with issues, people and athletes in every part of the globe emerges fully.

I really enjoyed that we, the participants also had the extraordinary opportunity to meet National and Olympic Athletes that were available for a full day of modeling of their mental strategies, in peak performance states."

- Elisabetta Bernardini, Switzerland
"The LSPC training in Malaga was extraordinary. That doesn't only mean that I really liked it, but more so, that the training was outstanding compared to my previous educational/training experiences.

Anders Piper is a charismatic man, great teacher and trainer, whose decisiveness combines with sensitivity and deep insight into the essence of what he is teaching. He knows how to guide a training program in a way that practical and theoretical parts are perfectly balanced. Right after completion of the training you are ready to "just do it".

With LSPC I implemented my work with efficient techniques and improve my time management. I highly recommend the LSPC training, not only to those who want to work as a sport coach, but also to everyone who works with people."

- Vida Gostencnik, Slovenia
“In 2006 I came 2nd in the World Fitness Championship and in 2007 I came first in the European Fitness Championship.

As a top Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor since 2000, I wanted to take my work to the next level, so I attended the very first Licensed Sports Performance CoachTM seminar taught by Licensed Master Trainer of NLP Anders Piper.

My expectation of getting the latest most effective, cutting edge psychological strategies in the world today was fulfilled. Ander's instructions are very clear and his attitude refreshingly direct.

When you attend this seminar you get real tools that work equally well with professional athletes and keen amateurs alike.”

- Jenni Levävaara, Finland