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Licensed Sports Performance Coach, Level I - 2020 Blended Learning Special Solution


Join Our 2020 Special Blended Learning Edition



Have you ever wondered what makes the real difference in sports? Have you noticed how some has the ability to come from behind and win against all odds? Well now you can be the one helping others to that success and those results. The purpose of this unique training is that you, as a Licensed Sports Performance Coach™, can help athletes with mental training. This will enable you to help them reach the goals of their dreams or perhaps – even bigger achievements then they ever thought possible!


The overall goal for this training is that you qualify to become a Licensed Sports Performance Coach™ and being certified means that you have obtained skills and competence within the areas of Coaching and Mental training and motivation. Some of the target areas in the training are Motivation, Goal setting, Focus, Stress Management and Modeling and we will also teach you how to help people cross thresholds and how to help them to Flow. During this seminar you will get the necessary skills that will enable you to create winners.


Learn how to:
• Get an athlete into Flow
• Go past a threshold
• Model strategies from others and improve own
• Create a Winning Mind Design
• Help Athletes Cope with Pressure
• Understand Mental Preferences
• Utilize the unique Generative Questioning™ system
• Use Advanced Coaching through the Coaching Matrix™
• Use Advanced Hypnosis for Deep Impact and Relaxation


Price: 1.500 Euros. 


Price includes 10 bi-weekly online modules and 3 live days of training in Copenhagen, materials and Society of NLP certificate and access to online support between modules.


Please ask Anders,, for more information.


EUR 1500.00

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