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Licensed NLP Practitioner - February 2019, Ljubljana




Would you like to achieve better results for your personal and professional life? Would you like to master your communication better? Would you like to unlock some of the hidden resources inside you? Would you like to have more fun and less stress in your life?


Have you ever wished that you had more insight into yourself or have you ever felt you could have communicated smarter and better with the people around you?


Well if any of the above can fit your situation, maybe you should consider doing something about it! In only eight days, you can learn how to master yourself and your communication, and these are skills you can use in your private life, your business life or if you are in a helping proffession as a coach, counselor or therapist.



  • Increase your ability to establish and maintain a good relationship with other people
  • Use Verbal & Nonverbal techniques to engage with others
  • How to identify triggers of motivation from simple conversation
  • Know the models for improved linguistic skills and flexibility in language
  • Elicit, Install & Utilize triggers in all sensory systems
  • How to shift Consciousness in self and others
  • Ways of aligning your communication so you can communicate better
  • Change negative to positive mindsets
  • Create and Utilize storytelling
  • Ask and listen better through the use of Generative Questioning™



  • You will be certified as a Licensed NLP Practitioner by Society of NLP.
  • The certificate will be endorsed by Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP


The Licensed NLP Practitioner program is for you who would like to improve your interpersonal skills and obtain increased results in your life. Based on the philosophy that you have to know your self before you can know others, you will learn how you operate and what you can do to influence the ways in which you operate, including Self Motivation, Goal Achievememt, Creativity, Conflict Management and Strategic Thinking, just to mention a few.


It doesn’t matter if you are a new or experienced in working with your self or with other people, as long as you have realized that it is in your interaction with people, you can gain the most. You will leave this training program with knowledge and skills on how to read and influence the well being and motivation of yourself and the people around you.
You will learn how to communicate in ways that appeals to the individual in a irrisistable and motivating way. You will also learn how you deal with conflicts in your environment and how you can make changes and get less resistance. Finally you will also learn how to communicate with more impact.


The training is exercise based and all participants should expect to be highly involved.



Anders Piper, Denmark, has an extensive training and performance background working with individuals and some of the leading companies in the world. He has worked globally with Personal Change, Leadership Development, Communication Training, Coaching Management, Conflict Management and Mediation.

Anders has worked the last 20 years with Behavior Enhancing Techniques and he holds a Master of Science degree in Psychology and a degree in Human Resource Development. He is a Licensed NLP Master Trainer from Society of NLP and certified Coach from NLP University. Anders is also certified Reiss Motivation Profile trainer, LAB Profile trainer, Wealthy Mind Trainer and is the Lead Program Designer of the Leadership training Series Lead to Inspire by PSQI.


Anders is one of the select few, who have been a personal Apprentice with the co-founder of NLP Dr. Richard Bandler for a number of years and for years he assisted on trainings with Richard around the world. Furthermore, he is the author of books on personal enhancement and teamwork.


Price 1.600 Euros (Early Bird rate until Dec. 31st 2018 Euro 1.500)

Ljubljana, Slovenia



EUR 1600.00

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